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A really cool ship for a sociable and luxurious stay on the sea. All very convenient from start to finish with everything from booking to check in, check out and all the details at the ship. Just stay and enjoy the beautiful Swedish archipelago in style. My friends and I had an amazing stay - thanks Paulien, Linus and Linda! (location Moja) - Roxie, London (UK)

‘I can't say enough good things about the Marin Cabin. We stayed a week in this luxury cabin with our family and experienced the impressive nature of Sweden. In the morning we woke up with a dip in the sea, made espresso and visited the local bakery by bike. We wandered through the forest, caught our fish in the nearby lake and spotted deers. We've also explored the Stockholm archipelago; an unforgettable experience because of the unspoilt rugged coastlines and picturesque villages with the characteristic red houses. After a day in the great outdoors, it is very pleasant to return to a luxury residence that already feels like home. Wish we stayed here longer! (location Moja) - Marlies, Amsterdam

Amazing cabin in a truely lovely and genuine location!(location Moja) - Ulrich, Hamburg (Germany)

‘Paulien’s floating apartment looks more like a stylish Amsterdam apartment than a ship! What a unique and fun experience floating in the archipelago in such a stylish residence. Lovely small touches throughout and a kitchen and dining room that just beg for big dinners with friends - the rooftop lounge is perfect for summer nights. I highly recommend this flat and look forward to returning!’ (Location Moja) - Daniel, Stockholm

Absolutely fabulous - very stylish, and feels delightfully off the beaten track despite being only 15 mins from the centre of town.(location Stockholm)- Griffin, London (UK)

I just came home, it was the most breathtaking place I have ever been on. Seriously! It’s just exactly my taste in every way it is built! I loved it so much! (location Stockholm) - Marco, Stockholm (Sweden)

We all loved staying on board the marine cabin. The design of the cabin is beautiful. The level of comfort, the spacious bathroom and the exceptionally equipped kitchen mean you forget you are on a boat. It is only when you look up from anywhere in the living space and see the gorgeous water out of the huge windows that you remember where you are. The details were lovely - the fresh flowers, the excellent knives, brilliantly comfy mattresses, the cosy blankets - and made the whole experience a joy. We used the roof all the time. A lovely sheltered space to relax in the sun. The kids loved climbing in and out of the hatches into the cabins. I honestly could have stayed weeks.’
’The island Bockholmen is gorgeous. Lovely woodland brimming with wildflowers. Perfect picnic spots (not that you want to leave the boat). We ate in the restaurant twice and loved it. The service and the food were both excellent and it is such an idyllic spot. We used the scenic route to walk to the metro which was a lovely walk of around 15 minutes, again strewn with flowers and interesting little summer cabins along the way. The metro station was clean and the service reliable and we were in and out of town with no difficulties or confusion. Being close to the centre but able to escape back to the water was the ideal combination.’
’Linda's food was EXCEPTIONAL. Delicious fresh produce for breakfasts and lunches and the best meatballs we had on our whole visit. I would highly recommend getting the boat stocked up before you arrive it was such a pleasure to open a fridge to such treats. Next time we will definitely order more.’ (
location Stockholm)- Danielle, London (UK)



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The Marine Cabin in Stockholm is our Dutch-Swedish dream project! We, Arno & Paulien, rent out wooden cabins in the Netherlands, our home base. And quite succesfully. We search for the most beautiful and secluded spots and then design and built the cabins ourselves. The cabins are located in the woods and along the river in the east of the Netherlands and on an island in Rotterdam. The cabins are rented out through our platform GetAway Deluxe.

Before the cabins we ventured into shipbuilding. Over 10 years ago we built our first ship. With this ship (Qrooz) we won the Dutch Design Award in 2007. Linus & Linda bought the ship and transformed it into a succesful dinner cruise in Stockholm. We became friends and often visited Stockholm and the Archipelago. Not in the least to enjoy Linda’s cooking. She is our all-time favourite chef!

It was time to make the perfect combination of the cabins, the ship and Linda’s and Linus cooking and hospitality. We just finished building it…our first marine cabin. In April 2019 we set sail to Stockholm. It’s possible to rent the ship starting 13 May 2019.

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Photography Marine Cabin - Margriet Hoekstra & Barbara Natzijl